Anderson Cooper Mocks Trump's Voter Fraud Claims With Circus Clown Footage

CNN host isn't clowning around as he corrects Trump's latest voter fraud claims.

CNN host Anderson Cooper called out President Donald Trump for again making claims about voter fraud without evidence.

In an interview with the Daily Caller on Wednesday, Trump attempted to justify controversial voter ID laws by claiming that shoppers need identification to purchase cereal.

“I’m not a big foodie, but there is one food item I do shop for a lot and it’s cereal,” Cooper said. “I basically live on cereal. That’s why I look so healthy.”

The CNN host added:

“I can assure you, except for Frosted Lucky Charms which as you all know are magically delicious, no ID is necessary to purchase any cereal, thank goodness, or any other breakfast food.”

Cooper played footage that he said might back up Trump’s claim... except it was a clip of circus clowns.

“Obviously that is from the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus,” Cooper said. “Maybe that is where Mr. Trump got the idea of people going into their cars and changing disguises because the president offered actually no evidence to back up his claim.” 

See Cooper’s full takedown in the clip above.