We Are All Anderson Cooper Eating Really Hot Chicken Wings

And we're also all Anthony Bourdain, making fun of his reaction.

We all have that one friend who is particular about their food. We also all have that one friend who is obsessed with spice to an alarming degree.

When you're Anthony Bourdain and Anderson Cooper, those friends are each other. The pair each play their roles flawlessly on a recent episode of Bourdain's beloved CNN show "Parts Unknown," as Cooper struggles to eat searingly hot chicken wings while Bourdain munches away in bliss.

Bourdain brought Cooper, a notoriously picky eater, to New York City hotspot Mission Chinese -- and to be honest, the combination of Bourdain, Cooper and the hard-to-get-into restaurant is as overwhelming for us as the spicy wings are for Cooper.

Bourdain, in true Bourdain fashion, eagerly describes the wings, which are fried and covered in a mixture of chiles and other spices. Cooper looks on apprehensively, sniffing his wing while Bourdain describes how a friend he previously brought to the restaurant "ran to the bathroom in a state of real alarm" after just one bite.

The pair continue on in a comical paradox of enjoyment and utter torture, which you should definitely watch above. Two glasses of water and some laughs from Bourdain later, and Cooper decides to take a safer route.

"I'm gonna have some bread," he musters.

Don't worry, Anthony Bourdain. We'd eat spicy food with you anytime.

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