Anderson Cooper Takes Shot At Fox News And MSNBC, Shuts Down GOP Rep. (VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper took shots at Fox News and MSNBC on his Monday show while explaining to his Republican guest that sometimes he would be asked questions he didn't like.

Cooper was having the by-now-familiar argument about the government shutdown with GOP Rep. Raul Labrador. After going a few rounds, Labrador got personal.

"All of a sudden, just because you don't like the fact that the Republicans are in control of the House of Representatives, you want to make sure that the Republicans actually pass the Democrat's-" Labrador said. Cooper cut him off.

"I don't have a stake in this!" he said. "This is the way it works in journalism. When you're not on Fox News, you get contentious interviews. When you're not on MSNBC and a liberal, you get contentious interviews. My job is to ask you questions that are different than you think, just as my next guest, who's a Democrat, I'm gonna ask the same kinds of questions that pushes back on their positions. That's what a journalist does!"



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