'Incapable Of Feeling Shame': Anderson Cooper Drops Fiery George Santos Takedown

The CNN anchor tore apart the congressman's interview on OAN.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper went to town on Rep. George Santos on Tuesday after the embattled New York Republican spoke out in an interview on One America News Network.

During the interview, Santos ― who faces federal, local and international investigations following revelations he lied extensively about his background on the campaign trail ― continued to be dishonest, downplayed the extent of his lies and attacked the media for reporting on his fabrications.

“I’ve made my sincere apology multiple times,” Santos argued. “I earlier said that I thoroughly apologize for lying about my education and embellishing my résumé. ... I don’t know what more can be said, other than admitting [it]. Is there anything more humbling humiliating than admitting that on national television?”

“Actually, yes, Congressman, there is, since you asked,” Cooper said Tuesday night after playing that excerpt.

“There is something more humiliating than admitting you lied about your education and embellishing your résumé. And that would be admitting you lied both publicly and privately and personally, it seems, in your life to nearly everyone, it seems, for a very long time,” he said.

“That would probably be more humbling and humiliating if you did it ― which you haven’t ― and if you actually were capable of being humiliated, which seems unlikely, since you appear to be utterly incapable of feeling shame,” he added.

Santos has refused mounting calls for his resignation, despite polling showing a growing majority of his constituents ― 78% ― want him to step down. He announced Tuesday he would step down from his committee assignments.

The ever-growing list of accusations against Santos includes: campaign finance fraud, pretending that his mother died as a result of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, claiming falsely that his grandparents fled the Holocaust, lying about being a college volleyball star, and fundraising off a veteran’s dying service dog and then disappearing with the money. He has admitted he lied about being Jewish, about working for Goldman Sachs and about having a college degree.

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