Anderson Cooper's Miss Peru Comment Lands Him In Trouble (VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper's comments about Miss Peru have gotten him into trouble.

Last Wednesday, the CNN host completely lost it during his "RidicuList" segment on "AC 360" while attempting to describe Miss Peru's costume from the Miss Universe pageant. Cooper was unable to control his laughter once he saw the "little old man baby" attached to the shoulder of contestant Cindy Mejia's costume.

"Oh look, the man baby looks surprised! He's got his little, little man baby hand right up there in front of his face like, 'Oh! I'm a little--I'm a man baby from Peru."

"Can we see that again?" Cooper insisted, unable to continue talking because of his unstoppable giggles.

But apparently people in Peru weren't laughing. The Latino Daily News reported on Wednesday that nearly all of the daily papers in Peru are dominated with stories on the "audacity of CNN’s Anderson Cooper." Peru is reportedly demanding an apology, claiming that his comments were a direct insult to the traditional dress worn by Peruvian women of the Mantaro Valley region.



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