Anderson Cooper Says All Joe Biden Does Is Watch 'Gilmore Girls,' Should've Gone To Paris

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden just received some serious judgment from Anderson Cooper.

The award-winning journalist was on "The Late Show With David Letterman" Tuesday when he was asked about covering the events in Paris last week.

"To see President Obama there was just extraordinary," Cooper said sarcastically of Obama's failure to attend the peace rallies over the weekend.

"Now Anderson," Letterman joked.

"Or the vice president! He spends weekends, like, watching 'Gilmore Girls' on his DVR," Cooper shot back. "I mean, what else does the vice president do?"

(It might be time for a break from Stars Hollow, Joe. Cooper has his eye on you!)

As Letterman and Cooper later mention, the White House has apologized for not sending a more top official to Paris for the march.

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