Anderson Cooper Grills Louie Gohmert On 'Terror Baby' Plot: Says He Is 'Spreading Scare Stories' With No Evidence (VIDEO)

SHOWDOWN! Anderson Cooper Grills TX GOP Rep: 'No Evidence...Other Than Yelling'

Anderson Cooper got into a heated argument with Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert on the Thursday edition of "Anderson Cooper 360," as he repeatedly asked the Republican to provide him with proof of the actual existence of the supposed "terror baby" plot.

Gohmert has been one of the most vocal proponents of the purported threat--where terrorist organizations send pregnant women into the U.S. so that their children will be American citizens who can enter and leave the country at will as they are trained to be terrorists abroad.

Cooper, who had already grilled Texas State Rep. Debbie Riddle about the same issue on Wednesday, showed Gohmert footage of an interview with a former FBI agent saying that there was no credible evidence that such a plot had ever existed. He then asked Gohmert if he had actually talked to the FBI before making his inflammatory claims.

Gohmert started yelling right away, saying that he had done research on the plot. Then the two really got into it:

COOPER: What research? Can you tell us about the research?

GOHMERT: You are attacking the messenger, Anderson, you are better than this. You used to be good. You used to find that there was a problem and you would go after it.

COOPER: Sir, I am asking you for evidence of something that you said on the floor of the House.

GOHMERT: I did, and you listen, this is a problem. If you would spend as much time looking into the problem as you would have been trying to come after me and belittle me this week --

COOPER: Sir, do you want to offer any evidence? I'm giving you an opportunity to say what research and evidence you have. You've offered none, other than yelling.

Later in the interview, Cooper chastised Gohmert for "going on to the House floor and spreading scare stories...this is a theory you are propagating that you have no evidence for."

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