Anderson Cooper Offered $1 Million To Ditch Gray Hair (POLL)

Anderson Cooper Offered $1 Million To Ditch Gray Hair (POLL)

Anderson Cooper has reportedly been offered $1 million to get rid of his gray hair for the next five years, the Sun-Sentinel reports. The CNN anchor would have to use the Go Away Gray pill made by Rise-N-Shine for 60 days and Tweet and Facebook his thoughts to see the payday. Developer Cathy Beggan said, "We feel like Anderson Cooper is a really visible and well-respected figure and thought he would be a great spokesperson for the product and the company," adding, "And it doesn't hurt that he's a handsome gentleman." And if Cooper doesn't need the dough, Beggan suggests he could give it to charity.

So what exactly is Go Away Gray? From the product's website:

Go AWAY Gray is specially formulated to prevent and reverse unwanted gray hair. Based on recent scientific studies, low levels of the enzyme Catalase in your body can turn your hair gray. Hydrogen peroxide is naturally produced by the body and Catalase breaks it down. If you are not producing enough Catalase, the hydrogen peroxide cannot be broken down. This causes the hydrogen peroxide to bleach the hair from the inside out, making it gray. Go AWAY Gray contains the enzyme Catalase, along with other special nutrients to reverse and prevent gray hair and to also promote thicker, healthier hair! Take Go Away Gray today and watch your gray go AWAY!

CBS Chicago anchorman Vince Gerasole reported on the pills in April. While the folks he interviewed reported results, when Gerasole tried Go Away Gray he noticed no change in his hair color.

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