Heavy Metal Song About Anderson Cooper Exists (VIDEO)

News anchors are always in the public eye, and get all kinds of things from viewers, whether it be emails, gifts or scary evidence. So maybe it comes as little surprise that someone dedicated a heavy metal song to Anderson Cooper.

"Like "Uptown Girl" and "Tiny Dancer Before Me," I Anderson Cooper are the subject of a soulful ballot," the CNN host revealed on his show Thursday night. "The name of the song, well, it's called 'Anderson Cooper' and has an understated charm like myself, if I say so myself. The band's name is Cryptic Murmurs and it captures my easy going essence."

Cooper proceeded to play parts of the song, which was a real headbanger and featured someone screaming lyrics like "CNN cyborg" and "Has never lost his composure... ever... not even once." It was simply amazing. Our favorite part might have been the part about Cooper's hair: "Stole his hair from the mane of Pegasus."

"Take note, Wolf Blitzer, because I shall henceforth be known as Anderson Cooper, CNN's cyborg," Cooper said on Thursday. I'm not sure if that's a compliment, but let's face it, I've been called worse."

The song, according to the band, was released May 2.



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