Anderson Cooper Slams Trump's Hypocritical Call For Unity

The CNN host reminded the president of his routine attacks against the media.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper tore into Donald Trump on Wednesday night after the president told the audience at a Wisconsin rally that the media has “a responsibility to set a civil tone and to stop the endless hostility.”

Trump’s fresh criticism comes after apparent explosive devices were sent to CNN as well as former President Barack Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, and other prominent Democrats.

Cooper pointed out that during Wednesday night’s rally, Trump “quite hypocritically” spoke of “explosive devices being sent to former government officials” but made no mention of the one sent to CNN ― “a news organization he routinely attacks.”

“He calls reporters the enemy of the American people and yet he said it’s the media’s fault for the kind of reporting that media organizations have been doing,” he said.

Check out the full segment in the clip above. Cooper’s comments begin about 30 seconds in.

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