Anderson Cooper Rips Ivanka Trump: 'What Does She Actually Do?'

The CNN host jabbed at Donald Trump's daughter after a report that the president pressured hesitant officials to grant her security clearance.

CNN host Anderson Cooper isn’t impressed with Ivanka Trump’s White House cred.

After CNN reported Tuesday that President Donald Trump pushed then-chief of staff John Kelly and White House counsel Don McGahn to grant his daughter top security clearance despite their objections, Cooper noted that Ivanka, a senior adviser, apparently wanted the clearance to study briefing books on foreign trips.

But then got to wondering:

“Why is she in the White House?” Cooper asked The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman in the clip below. “Like, what does she actually do?!?”

Haberman called it a good question, explaining that “that there is an addictive quality to having access to this kind of information. What exactly Ivanka Trump needs to do with that information is unclear.”

Cooper wasn’t finished. He suggested during a panel discussion later that the GOP would erupt if Hillary Clinton were in the White House and pressured top advisers to grant daughter Chelsea Clinton a high-level clearance.

“If Hillary Clinton had won and she gave Chelsea Clinton a high-level security clearance over the objection of her White House chief counsel, the chief of staff, and Chelsea Clinton’s husband who’s also involved in finances also got a security clearance, wouldn’t Republicans justifiably be screaming from the rooftops?”

Kirsten Powers, a CNN analyst and USA Today columnist, said Republicans would go “bonkers” at such a scenario.

Check out some of that conversation below.

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