Anderson Cooper Mocks Jennifer Lopez's Fiat Commercial Controversy (VIDEO)

WATCH: Cooper Mocks J Lo

On Monday night, Anderson Cooper put Jennifer Lopez's latest controversy on his Ridiculist.

Lopez has come under fire for her new Fiat commercial, in which she is seen driving through the streets of the Bronx. Lopez is, of course, a Bronx native -- a fact that she celebrated in her song "Jenny From the Block." But it turns out that Lopez didn't actually shoot the ad in her hometown -- her close-up scenes were shot in Los Angeles, while the Bronx street scenes used a body double.

Cooper mocked the kerfluffle over Lopez, and the people whose worlds had been "turned upside down" by the commercial. "I for one just don't know what to believe anymore," he said of the false advertising.

He even replayed her commercial for the Gilette Venus razor, and wondered if the razor she used in the commercial had a blade in it. "America needs answers," he said. "If you can't trust advertising to give it to you straight, I ask you, 'Who can you trust?'"

He said it wouldn't be long before viewers discovered that the Aflac duck doesn't talk, and every kiss doesn't begin with Kay. He speculated, "I bet that 'Where's the beef' lady, I bet she knew where the beef was all along."

As for JLo's Fiat controversy, he implored viewers to cut her some slack. "She's still, she's still Jenny from the block," he concluded.


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