Anderson Cooper, Joy Behar Dish About Coupons and Haircuts (VIDEO)

Joy Behar visited Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show on Monday and revealed some money-saving tips from her days as a single mother.

She told Anderson that she did not have any time for coupons but did explore alternative methods to save money. She said she shopped at Loehmann's and T.J. Maxx, and got her hair cut by students in beauty school.

"Sometimes you look like a Picasso painting, but still," Behar said as she defended her former hairdos.

Cooper had similar feelings towards low budget haircuts. He told Behar that he used to get his hair cut for $100 but switched to a "street barbershop" after his former stylist left town.

He said his new cuts cost only a fraction of what he used to pay and he sees no difference between the high and low budget options. So, he has been visiting the same barbershop for years.

Fans who want to emulate Cooper's sleek look, visit Isaac on Seventh Avenue for $16.