Kellyanne Conway Is Back, And Anderson Cooper Is Already Done With Her

The CNN host's reactions were positively GIF-worthy.

Kellyanne Conway resurfaced on Tuesday to defend President Donald Trump’s controversial decision to fire FBI director James Comey.

But CNN’s Anderson Cooper wasn’t exactly thrilled with some of her responses, especially when he asked why Trump was suddenly so concerned about Comey’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

“As a candidate, Donald Trump praised James Comey,” Cooper said. “Donald Trump talked about this on the campaign all the time. All of sudden the White House is concerned about James Comey’s handling of Hillary Clinton’s email?”

Cooper’s face then went through a series of contortions as Conway spoke, like when she told him he’s “looking at the wrong set of facts.”

“You’re going back to the campaign,” Conway said. “This man is president of the United States.”

Cooper had another reaction as he responded, “That makes no sense.”

“He said one thing as candidate and now he’s concerned as president?” Cooper asked.

“It makes complete sense because he has lost confidence in the FBI director,” she said.

Conway also tried to obfuscate on the issue of an FBI investigation into possible links between the Trump campaign and Russia.

“Clearly, this White House is under investigation, the people around the president are under investigation,” Cooper said. “You would agree with that, yes?”

“No, I don’t,” Conway said. “I know that some are obsessed with the word Russia, Russia, Russia.”

That led to this eyebrow-raising reaction:

“I’m around the president,” Conway said. “I’m not under investigation.”

But Cooper’s biggest reaction occurred after he played clips of Trump on the campaign trail and Conway responded by recounting how she predicted he would win Michigan.

Conway then tried to separate what Trump said on the campaign trail from what he is doing now.

“Here’s what happened today,” she said. “Today, not in the campaign, in the White House, the president of the United States―”

Cooper cut her off.

“So that person doesn’t exist anymore?” he asked. “Candidate Donald Trump, that’s a fictional character we are no longer allowed to refer to? We can only refer to the Donald Trump who exists today?”

“Anderson, I’ll ignore how unkind that is,” Conway said, which led to one more Cooper reaction:

“All I’ll say is as president of the United States, he needs confidence in his FBI director and he doesn’t have it,” she said.

Conway was once a steady administration presence in the media, but more recently has made few appearances. Last weekend, “Saturday Night Live” even poked fun at her absence on the news show circuit in a segment called “Where In The World Is Kellyanne Conway?”

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