Anderson Cooper Burns 'Moronic' Michael Cohen Over Russia Cash Claims

CNN host says it doesn't look good for Trump's personal attorney.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Tuesday struggled to understand reports that Michael Cohen, personal attorney to President Donald Trump, took $500,000 from a firm linked to a Russian oligarch

“Maybe there’s nothing untoward about it, but it does seem moronic for the president’s personal attorney to be accepting half a million dollars from this Russian oligarch,” Cooper said. “Moronic is the only word that comes to mind. Or nefarious.”

“They’re not mutually exclusive,” Preet Bharara, CNN analyst and former U.S. attorney, replied. “There are nefarious morons as well.” 

Both Cooper and Bharara allowed that there could be an innocent explanation for the payments. But, on the face of it, given the circumstances and the timing, Bharara said, “it sure looks might fishy.”

See their full discussion over the allegations, raised earlier in the day by porn actress Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti, in the clip above.



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