Anderson Cooper Responds To News Anchor Who Stormed Off Over Michael Sam Kiss

Anderson Cooper put Dallas anchor Amy Kushnir on the Ridiculist Monday night over the way she reacted to Michael Sam's kiss with his boyfriend.

During a recent debate with her co-hosts, Kushnir argued that it was inappropriate for ESPN to broadcast the kiss in front of children, and ended up storming off the set. She said that ESPN would not have aired a football player kissing his wife or girlfriend, and if they had, she would have said, "get a room!"

Cooper mocked Kushnir on Monday, airing a segment in which she kissed two male strippers. He acknowledged that "a lot of people" share Kushnir's opposition to Sam's kiss, but said that her argument was just disingenuous. He continued:

"To Amy Kushnir's argument that nobody shows football players kissing their wives or girlfriends, that's simply not true and I don't think she's being honest when she wouldn't want to see that either or she yells 'Get a room' whenever she sees that. If you're uncomfortable seeing some kind of affection... why not just say that and leave the excuses about why you're uncomfortable where they belong: on 'The Ridiculist.'"



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