Anderson Cooper Rips Mitt Romney's Tax Plan (VIDEO)

WATCH: Cooper Rips Romney's Tax Plan

During his signature "Keeping Them Honest" segment, CNN host Anderson Cooper questioned Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's tax plan.

Cooper replayed clips of Romney and his running mate Rep. Paul Ryan promising to cut taxes for middle-income families. "Under no circumstances will I raise taxes on the middle class of America," Romney has said on the campaign trail.

Ryan echoed this sentiment during last week's vice presidential debate. "You can cut tax rates by 20 percent, and still preserve these important preferences for middle class tax payers," Ryan said.

The problem though, Cooper said, is that Romney and Ryan fail to "specify which tax cuts they'll cap, or which loopholes they'll close."

Both Romney and Ryan avoid specifics and simply cite six studies from institutions like Harvard, Princeton and the Wall Street Journal, concluding that their tax plan will deliver on its promises.

"Keeping them honest, though, a bipartisan study found the math doesn't work. And the other studies, which the Romney campaign counters with, well they're coming under fire as well," Cooper said. "The suggestion is that these are full-blow academic studies. Actually, three are blog-posts, one is a Wall Street Journal op-ed."

He added, "every one of these authors in each these so-called studies is making assumptions...because neither Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan nor any of their surrogates have yet come forward with specifics."

Cooper said that the Romney campaign declined to comment on the story.

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