Anderson Cooper: Mitt Romney's Campaign Ads 'Bend The Truth' (VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper called out Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Thursday for repeatedly airing a pair of campaign ads that the CNN host said "bend the truth."

The two ads feature clips of Romney attacking Obama during the final presidential debate on foreign policy. "Both repeat distortions and really outright falsehoods that have been debunked again and again," Cooper said.

During one ad, Romney accused President Obama of traveling around the Middle East after the 2008 election on an "apology tour."

Cooper pointed out that PolitiFact, the Washington Post fact checker, and the CNN fact checker have all concluded that this claim is false, but the Romney campaign continues to level the charge at the president.

In the other ad, Romney criticized Obama for decreasing the size of the U.S. navy (charging the navy is the smallest it's been since 1917) and plans to cut $1 trillion from the military budget. "Keeping them honest, those trillion dollar in cuts are what Democrats and Republicans agree would happen automatically over ten years, if neither side can reach a budget deal by year's end," Cooper said.

He added that every fact checking organization, CNN included, has found that the navy is not the smallest it's been since 1917.

Cooper invited the Romney campaign to come on the program to respond, but they decline.



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