Anderson Cooper Was Very Confused By Nicki Minaj's Aggressive New Year's Resolution

Don’t worry. A drunk Andy Cohen offered his CNN New Year’s Eve co-host a hilarious explanation.

Here’s hoping that Anderson Cooper’s resolution is to brush up on his smack talk.

On Sunday night, the journalist co-hosted CNN’s “New Year’s Eve Live” alongside Andy Cohen. During their broadcast, Cohen played a clip from his Bravo talk show, “Watch What Happens Live,” for Cooper. In the clip that aired earlier this month, rapper Nicki Minaj shared her plans for 2024.

“My new year’s resolution is to keep my foot on the bitches’ necks!” Minaj said.

After the clip was played Sunday, Cooper appeared to be completely baffled by Minaj’s remark.

“Wow, what did she say?” he asked Cohen.

“Keep my foot on these bitches’ necks!” Cohen repeated, clearly amused.

“Wow. Who is she referring to?” Cooper asked, puzzled, to which, Cohen hilariously replied: “Bitches!” (To those who are as bewildered as Cooper, the “Barbie World” rapper meant she wants to remain dominant over her supposed opponents.)

Social media users — who instantly understood Minaj’s promise to keep her haters at bay — got a kick out of Cooper’s befuddlement and Cohen’s drunken silliness.

“Anderson Cooper’s journalism side couldn’t help itself! He needed clarity & answers!!” they joked.

Last year, CNN reportedly barred Cooper and Cohen from alcohol consumption during the “New Year’s Eve Live” broadcast thanks to years of the two creating some wildly tipsy on-air moments.

Former CNN chairman and CEO Chris Licht claimed the boozy broadcasts jeopardized the hosts’ “credibility” and damaged “respectability” among viewers, Variety reported.

Yet, during Sunday night’s broadcast it quickly became clear that the alcohol ban had been lifted when Cooper and Cohen took tequila shots on air.

And thank Casa Amigos that it was, because if the two were sober, we would have never gotten this hilarious moment either.

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