Anderson Cooper Reports Live From Philippines After Typhoon Haiyan (VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper reported live from the Philippines on Monday night, in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, which has left tens of thousands feared dead.

Cooper was set to report directly from the heart of the storm in Tacloban City, but his plane was turned around and returned back to Manila, Philippines due to another approaching storm predicted to hit the area on Tuesday.

Cooper spoke to Philippines Red Cross Chairman Richard Gordon about the worry that this projected second storm could devastate the area even further. Gordon stressed that he is "very concerned."

"It would be really great if they could move faster," he told Cooper, referring to humanitarian and goods services.

"We can't show you the faces of these bodies as it's just too graphic," another Red Cross spokeswoman told Cooper. "You can still see the terror as the wave hit on the faces of these bodies."

One local woman interviewed described the state of the islands as "worse than hell."

"It's almost the end of the world," another woman said. "Our goal is, 'I must go out of this city.'"

The CNN host will anchor AC360° live from Philippines again on Tuesday.

Since the storm made landfall on Friday, other news outlets such as ABC and Al Jazeera have reported live from the scene, releasing devastating images and raw footage.



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