Anderson Cooper Schools Christine O'Donnell On Constitution (VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper schooled Christine O'Donnell on the Constitution Tuesday night.

In a debate earlier in the day, O'Donnell, the GOP candidate for Senate in Delaware, questioned where in the Constitution the separation of church and state appeared.

Cooper, after playing video of O'Donnell's opponent explaining the Establishment Clause in the First Amendment, said that O'Donnell was right that the literal phrase "separation of church and state" does not appear in the Constitution.

"What she got right was the technicality," Cooper said. "What a lot of people think she missed was everything else."

Cooper then called O'Donnell out for not knowing her constitutional amendments, something that he found particularly problematic given that she claims to be a constitutional scholar.

"I'm sure most of us get confused about which amendment is which, I certainly do," Cooper said. "But most of us aren't running for Senate, and most of us don't claim to be constitutional experts, as Christine O'Donnell has certainly come close to doing just that."


When asked recently what qualified her for the senate, O'Donnell discussed her "graduate fellowship from the Claremont Institute in constitutional government."

"By the way, the graduate fellowship she talks about from the Claremont Institute? The Claremont Institue is a conservative think tank, it's not a university, and the fellowship lasted a grand total of seven days," Cooper said.

Cooper then played a series of clips of O'Donnell basing her run in her deep analysis and defense of the constitution.

"Again, a lot of people, including myself, get confused about constitutional amendments," Cooper said. "But not a lot of people are running for senate based on their deep analysis and study of the constitution."