Anderson Cooper Criticizes Sean Hannity For Misleading Edit (VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper called out Sean Hannity for editing a clip of him in a misleading way.

Speaking on his Monday show, Cooper stressed that he didn't want to start a "cheesy cable news feud," but simply wanted to correct a clip Hannity had shown in a special on liberal media bias that had been edited in what he called a "completely misleading way."

In the clip from Hannity's show, Cooper is shown calling the attacks on Joseph Wilson, the former Bush administration ambassador who set off the Valerie Plame scandal, "a victim of a Bush administration smear campaign." However, as Cooper showed, the clip had begun in the middle of a sentence. Cooper was actually saying that Wilson was claiming to be a victim of a smear campaign, not stating his own personal opinion.

"I try to choose my words very carefully and I don't like it when someone cuts around them to make it seem like I'm saying something I'm not," he said, adding that he hoped Hannity did not "knowingly, falsely edit something to make a point. After all, that would be biased."