Anderson Cooper Loses It While Taking Shots On Air: ‘Like Burning Your Lungs!’

Bursting into a coughing fit, Cooper wheezed, letting out an “ahh!” after taking a tequila shot.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper isn’t a big drinker.

That’s according to his New Year’s Eve special co-host, Andy Cohen, who downed tequila shots with him on air.

“Feel free to toast along with us,” Cohen said, raising a glass as the clock ticked closer to midnight.

Bursting into a coughing fit, Cooper wheezed, letting out an “ahh!”

“It’s like burning your lungs!” he cried.

Mocking his colleague, Cohen said: “It’s burning your lungs. Feels good to me!”

But the shot taking wasn’t the only notable part of the evening, as Cohen revealed the gender of his baby-to-be (it’s a boy!) and correspondent Richard Quest donned a giant pretzel costume while handing out grub to spectators. Later he changed his ensemble to that of a pizza.

Other of the network’s journalists were seen at work around the world from Mexico City to St. Barts as they reported on the festivities while enjoying them, too.

This marks the second year the Cooper-Cohen team has led CNN’s coverage of the Times Square ball drop since comedian Kathy Griffin was fired after the 2017 show. She had co-hosted the network’s New Year’s Eve show with Cooper for nine years before facing backlash over sharing an image of herself holding a fake severed head intended to represent President Donald Trump.

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