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Anderson Cooper Tries Spinach And Coffee For The First Time Ever (VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper has been confessing a lot about his strange food habits. He revealed that he really doesn't care that much about food and recently argued with Jerry Seinfeld about his extremely picky food habits.

On his Tuesday talk show, Cooper tried both coffee and spinach for the first time ever. It comes as no surprise that he wasn't a fan of either. He also detailed his highly idiosyncratic food preferences: he hates all hot beverages and has never tried most green vegetables.

"It just seems so watery," he complained before taking a sip of coffee. His assessment? "Really? That's what people drink everyday? I don't see the point in that." Then he tried some spinach which he called "gross" and "slithery."

We're pretty sure we've met five-year-olds who are more refined eaters than Anderson Cooper.


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