Anderson Cooper Nails Hypocrisy Of Trump Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham

"It’s funny and it’s not funny, at the same time. It’s actually really kind of sad," said the CNN host.

Anderson Cooper on Monday called out the hypocrisy of White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham as he marked the 301st day since a formal press briefing of President Donald Trump’s administration.

The host of CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360°” recalled a segment he delivered in October in which he sarcastically mocked Grisham for accusing the media of getting into a “tizzy” with its reporting over the initial developments in the Ukraine scandal. Grisham fired back, claiming “CNN has lost sight of the fact that we are human beings.”

Cooper on Monday claimed Grisham’s criticism had given him “real pause.”

“I actually was concerned about that idea,” he said. “I thought about it, have I lost sight that she and others who are lying frequently are human beings? I actually did some serious soul searching, I’m not kidding.”

But just days later, Cooper noted, Grisham defended Trump’s description of “Never Trumper Republicans” as “human scum.”

“It’s funny how Miss Grisham has gone from ‘we are human beings’ to ‘they are human scum.’ And it’s like in no time,” said Cooper. “It’s funny and it’s not funny, at the same time. It’s actually really kind of sad. Of course, these are all things that reporters would be able to ask Ms. Grisham about if she ever actually ever did what every one of her predecessors has done, which is stand up and answer questions from reporters.”

Check out the clip here: