Anderson Cooper Mourns Suicide Of Jamey Rodemeyer, Other Bullied Teens (VIDEO)

WATCH: Cooper Angrily Mourns Suicide Of Gay Teen

Anderson Cooper spoke out against bullying on Tuesday's "AC360," reflecting on the life of a teen who recently committed suicide after enduring gay bullying.

The CNN host began his program mourning the tragic suicide of Jamey Rodemeyer, a 14-year old who was bullied over his sexuality. Cooper, who has spoken out against bullying before, called the torment that Rodemeyer and other bullied children suffered "simply heartbreaking to imagine."

He replayed a Youtube clip of Rodemeyer's submission to the "It Gets Better Project," and remarked, "Even in his sadness, Jamey was reaching out to help others." Cooper solemnly acknowledged that the teenager killed himself months after submitting a message of hope to other bullied LGBT teens.

Cooper also called out Kentucky lawmaker Mike Harmon and other anti-gay activists who have downplayed bullying and opposed anti-bullying programs. He noted that gay slurs seem "to be the one derogatory term that teachers still kind of accept or just ignore."

"I mean, if someone was using the "N" word, they would be hauled in front of the principal's office or talked to, but calling someone, you know, the "F" word, they get a pass," he said.



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