Anderson Cooper Scolds Trump: Lay Off The 'Twitter Machine' And Read Your Briefing Book

The CNN host slammed the president for siding with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Monday slammed President Donald Trump for siding with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un while on a trip to Japan over the weekend. 

Trump joined in Kim’s verbal attacks on former Vice President Joe Biden, calling him a “low IQ individual.” Trump also downplayed North Korea’s recent missile tests, saying he had “confidence” in Kim.

“Perhaps [Kim] wants to get attention, and perhaps not,” Trump told reporters. “Who knows? It doesn’t matter.” 

Cooper wasn’t satisfied with that reply. 

“You know what? The president of the United States should know, and that does matter,” he said. “And if the president doesn’t know, he should take his fingers off the Twitter machine and maybe pick up a briefing book and do something that we all know he rarely does, which is read.” 

Cooper also hit Trump for trusting Kim over U.S. intelligence, and he said the president was craving the adulation of “one fat little dictator with blood on his hands” the way he seeks the adoration of the crowds at his rallies. 

See his full takedown below: 



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