Anderson Cooper Warns: Don't Be 'Desensitized' By Trump's 'Fake Facts'

The president again falsely implied he won the popular vote.

Don’t be desensitized.

That’s the warning from CNN’s Anderson Cooper, noting that President Donald Trump once again implied ― incorrectly ― that he beat Hillary Clinton in the popular vote.

“I don’t even know that I need to say this, he did not beat Hillary Clinton in the popular vote,” Cooper said on “Anderson Cooper 360” on Monday. “She beat him by almost 2.9 million votes.”

He added:

This might seem like a minor point, sour grapes from Democrats, old news not even worth mentioning. But let’s just think for a moment how unusual it should be for a president of the United States to cavalierly and repeatedly say things that are simply not true. It isn’t something we should be desensitized to.”

Cooper listed several other unfounded claims made by Trump, including his belief that millions of votes were cast illegally, and that Trump Tower was wiretapped by President Barack Obama.

“I should point out he won, election polls said he wouldn’t,” Cooper said. “It was a historic win. He doesn’t need to make up fake facts.”

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