Anderson Cooper Uses Sarah Huckabee Sanders' Own Words Against Her After N-Word Dodge

The CNN host slammed the White House press secretary for her response about the president's alleged use of a racial slur.

Anderson Cooper called out White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Tuesday for saying during a press briefing that she could not guarantee that the American people would not hear President Donald Trump say the N-word on a recording.

The CNN host called her response “odd” given Trump’s Monday night tweet in which he said no such tape exists and that the racial slur was not a part of his vocabulary and never had been. 

“The president’s tweet seems pretty definitive, at least definitive enough for his press secretary to give it the kind of definitive statement like these she’s repeated for past presidential tweets,” Cooper said. 

He then played clips of Sanders answering questions from the press by saying Trump’s various tweets “speak for themselves,” a response markedly different from her refusal to “guarantee” that the American people wouldn’t hear such a tape.

Earlier in the day, CNN’s Jake Tapper called the response “stunning” and quipped that he wasn’t sure why today of all days, “lying was something [Sanders] wasn’t willing to do.”

Since the campaign trail, there have been rumors that there’s a tape of Trump using the racial slur during his time on NBC’s “Apprentice” reality shows. Those rumors were reignited this week by former contestant and White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman.

Check out Cooper’s takedown in the video above.