Anderson Cooper Wins 'Jeopardy!' Power Players Game On Behalf Of Trevor Project

Anderson Cooper Wins Big

WASHINGTON -- CNN's Anderson Cooper, playing on behalf of an organization that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services for LGBT youth, won Friday's "Jeopardy!" Power Players, beating New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman and NBC's Kelly O'Donnell.

The Trevor Project, Cooper's sponsored charity, won $50,000.

The 2012 Power Players series was taped last month at D.A.R. Constitution Hall in the nation's capital.

It was certainly a star performance by Cooper -- there was even one category titled "A.C."

Despite missing a Daily Double question about James Jones' "From Here to Eternity," Cooper answered another Daily Double correctly and had a considerable lead heading into Final Jeopardy -- but not a complete runaway.

All three of Friday's Power Players missed the Final Jeopardy question about cotton gin inventor Eli Whitney, though Cooper said he knew the answer was the inventor of the cotton gin but just couldn't think of Whitney's name.

Kelly O'Donnell and Friedman both won $10,000 on behalf of their charities, the Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation and Conservation International, respectively.

Who's showed their smarts on Jeopardy's "Power Players Week" episodes?

Anderson Cooper, Host Of CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360°"

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