'Anderson': Nik Richie Tries To Defend, Anderson Doesn't Let Him (VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper had controversial website founder Nik Richie on "Anderson" (Weekdays, Syndicated) and he wasn't throwing softballs. Richie's website spotlights drunk and lewd behavior from celebrities and non-celebrities alike, celebrating their lowest moments.

"It's not like I'm looking for garbage," Richie said, but Cooper cut him off. "What do you mean? You are looking for garbage?" Cooper retorted. "You're looking for the lowest common denominator."

Cooper seemed more bothered by Richie trying to raise himself above the content of his site and give himself some respectability than by the fact that he runs the site. "It would be one thing if you came out here and said, 'Yeah, this is how I make my money. There's a market for it,'" Cooper said.

Richie tried to equate what he does to the fact that Cooper's own website had mentions of Richie trafficking in child pornography and even having AIDS. "As soon as somebody informed us about it -- I think your attorney informed us about it -- we took it off, because we don't want that kind of trash on our website," Cooper said. "Your website is that stuff."

Cooper also accused Richie of extortion and blackmail for his practice of charging people to have articles about them removed from the site. Richie clarified that he no longer charges for the service, but does charge for expedited service -- to cover his time and trouble. Cooper failed to see how this was substantially different.

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