Andie MacDowell Demonstrates Her Homemade PPE. James Corden Has Questions.

"Can you imagine how crazy I must look?" the "No Man's Land" actor said of her air-travel protection against COVID-19.

Andie MacDowell showed off her homemade PPE for air travel on Monday’s “Late Late Show,” prompting some mockery from host James Corden. (Watch the clip below.)

MacDowell, the model and “Groundhog Day” star who was promoting her new film “No Man’s Land,” explained that she converted the plastic wrapping on her new massage table into extra protection against COVID-19.

At first, she joked about the idea of covering herself with a giant plastic bag, but then found herself using it in airports and on airplanes. She demonstrated to Corden with the actual bag. She said she wore a mask as well, and left an opening in the bag so she wouldn’t suffocate.

“I just did not care what people thought,” said MacDowell, who noted that a little boy laughed at her recently.

“Can you imagine how crazy I must look with a damn plastic bag completely over me?” she asked.

To which Corden replied: “You know what? I can ... I’m all for staying safe, but I think when you’re traveling in bags, you’ve got to really ask whether the trip’s worth it.”

Watch the fun exchange below and stick around to find out why MacDowell might do mushrooms.

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