Andre 3000 To Star In A New Sci-Fi Movie About Convicts In Space

Zadie Smith is writing the script.
Benjamin will star opposite Robert Pattinson in the new film.
Benjamin will star opposite Robert Pattinson in the new film.

Andre “3000” Benjamin has signed on to star in an upcoming sci-fi movie with an intriguing premise. 

“High Life” will tell the story of convicts who embark on a dangerous expedition to a black hole in order to reduce their sentences, according to Variety.

This is territory that Hollywood has tread before, with a similar convicts-in-space theme recently used in the Luc Besson-written thriller “Lockout.”

What makes this upcoming project one to watch is its French director, Claire Denis, best known among cinephiles and lovers of French cinema. Denis will make her English-language film debut directing the movie, which will also star Juliette Binoche, Mia Goth and Robert Pattinson. 

Denis is teaming up with British novelist Zadie Smith to write the script, Screen Daily reported, along with Smith’s husband, Nick Laird.

Benjamin, best known for his music as part of Outkast and as a solo artist, has dipped his toe into the acting pool several times. His last big role was in the 2013 biopic “Jimi: All Is by My Side,” in which he played Jimi Hendrix. 



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