NBA Player Says His Bobblehead's Skin Color Is Too 'Light'

The Golden State Warriors hosted an Andre Iguodala bobblehead giveaway March 18. Iguodala didn't play in the home team's victory, but the night stuck with him -- and not in a good way apparently.

The player took to Twitter March 28 to complain that the bobblehead's skin tone is too pale.

Check out the contrast in side-by-side photos tweeted by KTVU reporter Sal Castaneda:

It wasn't clear why Iguodala waited so long to voice his displeasure or, as Sports Illustrated wrote, whether he was joking.

But either way he has a point.

In a previous Bay Area bumble of a bobblehead, Sergio Romo of the San Francisco Giants was honored with one that was obviously too dark. Romo also used social media to playfully point out the discrepancy.

(Hat tip, Elite Daily)

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