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André Leon Talley Talk Show Is Coming To A TV Near You

Gird your loins, America: André Leon Talley is coming to late night TV.

According to Women's Wear Daily, Talley has signed a deal for a late-night talk show with production company Electus. The project, still in the works, would bring the Vogue contributing editor's outsized personality to a cable network so we could all partake in Talley's "international fashion lifestyle" (his words, not ours).

That fabulously luxurious "international fashion lifestyle" is not one we ever imagined to be broadcast on cable TV, much less by the same production company that brought us “Mob Wives” and “Teen Wolf.” But ALT, as André is known, has been slowly expanding his reach beyond the gilded gates of high fashion. First came a stint as a judge on "America's Next Top Model," followed by a gig doing red carpet reporting for "Entertainment Tonight."

Both of those jobs, of course, were preceded by "The September Issue," where the non-fashion world was finally introduced André's endearingly extravagant lifestyle, his tendency towards hyperbole and those dramatic one-liners. The most memorable of all? "It's the famine of beauty. The famine of beauty, honey! My eyes are starving for beauty!"

If that's what we're in for this time around, we are so on board.

Read more at We'd ask "Will you watch ALT's show?" but, like, duh.

Andre Leon Talley's Greatest Hits

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