André Leon Talley Vanity Fair: The Most Prominent Yet Under-Accomplished Black Person In Fashion?

The Most Prominent Yet Under-Accomplished Black Person In Fashion?

One of our favorite fashion luminaries, André Leon Talley, is the subject of an extensive profile in Vanity Fair's September issue. The article, written by Vanessa Grigoriadis, explores the larger-than-life editor's singular sartorial style, weight issues, love life and, of course, his storied 35-year career. Basically, this exposé is a total must-read.

And let's not forget that Talley's BFF is none other than fashion's grande dame aka Vogue editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour.

However, despite Talley's über close proximity to Ms. Wintour and one of Vogue's past matriarchs, the late Diana Vreeland, he has never made it to the tippy top of a masthead.

That's not hard to believe considering the lack of diversity within both the publishing and fashion industries. And although there have been glimmers of hope as of late, even Talley sees the irony and inequality in his own reality.

“People stereotype you. What person of color do you know who’s in a position like that, be it a man or a woman, unless it’s Essence magazine?” Talley told Vanity Fair.

WWD bluntly spelled it out further, calling Talley "a living embodiment of the limits of racial progress in fashion and media, the most prominent black figure in fashion who never became an editor-in-chief of a major magazine."

While sad but true, the 64-year-old fashionisto has been making some major moves lately. Over past several months he has inked a late-night talk show deal, become editor-at-large at the Numéro Russia and authored a book about the little black dress.

Head over to to read more about André's feature.

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