André Leon Talley Speaks Out On Leaving Vogue And The Lack Of Diversity In Fashion (VIDEO)

André Leon Talley On The 'Glass Ceiling' At Vogue

After three decades at Vogue, André Leon Talley sent shockwaves through the fashion world when he left his position to become editor of a Russian fashion magazine last year. In the above video from "Oprah: Where Are They Now?" Talley opens up about his decision to leave.

"I always felt that even though Vogue has been fabulous to me, there was always this silent taking for granted -- very few people of diversity," he says. "Not just at Vogue, there have been very few people of color who have risen far as I have in the industry.

"I felt I had gone to what is called the glass ceiling there, and nothing else was going to happen," Talley says. "I went to Anna Wintour and told her, quite frankly, I need to think about my future."

He says Wintour, the editor-in-chief at Vogue for 26 years, is still a friend.

"She is the most powerful woman in fashion today, arguably," he says. "She's tough in business but she's tough in business with a lovely lacquered veneer. She is not cold, she is just a guarded person. And she's a very, very warm person if you're her friend. She's been there for me in the worst moments of my life. She's constantly, constantly concerned about my weight."

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