Andre 'Loki Boy' Barbosa, Boca Raton Squatter, Locked Out Of $2.5 Million Florida Mansion (VIDEO)

Police found nothing but trash and a smattering of personal belongings on Thursday when they arrived at a Boca Raton mansion where Andre "Loki Boy" Barbosa has reportedly been squatting.

The 23-year-old Brazilian made international headlines when he moved into the $2.5 million foreclosed waterfront house owned by Bank of America. Watch the WSVN 7 video above.

He claimed the right to live in the empty home under Florida's 'adverse possession statute.'

Emory University law professor Frank Alexander told the Associated Press the law means that "if the squatter remains there and no one complains for seven or more years, then the prior owner may indeed lose their rights to it. [But] at any time, Bank of America -- if it's the owner -- can evict that current squatter."

And last week, the bank pursued legal action on Barbosa, who they claim has been trespassing on the property since December.

"They come and go at night like rats, scurry in and scurry out," neighbor Michael Aviron told CBS Miami of Barbosa and his friends.

Aviron told NBC 6 he once entered the home to ask the squatters what they were doing. He said one of the men present told him, "I’m here to assess this building to establish an embassy for our mission."

Local 10 reports that neighbors have reason to believe that Barbosa is a member of an anti-government group called 'Sovereign Citizens.' He reportedly displayed political messages on the home's front door and garage.

Thursday police cleared the house and changed the locks, but will not pursue Barbosa.

Boca Raton police told the Broward News Times, "If he comes back after we have told him he's trespassing, then that's illegal and we can file criminal charges. But if he doesn't come back, that's it."

In a statement, Bank of America said:

"We appreciate the assistance of local authorities and the patience of neighbors as we worked to have the trespassers removed. We take trespassing seriously and, in the interest of the community, we will take appropriate legal action to protect this and all properties we service.