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Andrea Amanatides Allegedly Spills 256 Pills On Jail Cell Floor When Drug-Filled Condom Inside Her Breaks (VIDEO)

Some people get all the breaks. The one Andrea Amanatides got wasn't one she wanted.

Before Amanatides, 38, was set to begin a six-month sentence for a probation violation, she allegedly filled a condom with 256 prescription pills including 90 pills of Lyrica, 37 Adderall tablets, 50 Valiums, 43 Trazadones, 10 Ambiens and 26 Oxycontins, added four bags of heroin and put the condom in her vagina, the Albany Times Union reported.

As smuggling attempts go, it was a prescription for disaster.

While she was waiting in an Albany County Jail holding cell, the contraband-filled condom apparently broke and one of the pills fell onto the floor. A surveillance video of Amanatides seems to show that when she tried to adjust her pill-filled groin, more pills fell out and rolled to floor from her pants leg, according to WNYT.

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple said when the officials came into Amanatides' cell, they discovered the drugs in the nick of time.

"Once it is in there they will fight for it, kill for it, they can overdose on it. It is as dangerous as a weapon," Apple told Fox23.

Amanatides was charged with five misdemeanor counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance and felony promotion of prison contraband. She was arraigned in Colonie Town Court and sent back to county jail.