Andrea Bocelli Releases Spanish-Language Album 'Amor En Portofino' (VIDEO)

International superstar Andrea Bocelli is back with a newly released Spanish-language album “Amor en Portofino.”

The CD/DVD takes us through his performance in Portofino, Italy, which took place in August 2012. The performance includes classic hits along with hits from his latest album “Passione.” With the help of David Foster and an orchestra made up of 40 people, Bocelli captivated the audience in a beautiful concert singing romantic love songs while the sun went down. People enjoyed the authenticity of the performance while listening to one of the worlds greatest voices.

The 55-year-old Italian tenor also had the help of many A-list superstars including Jennifer Lopez, Chris Botti, Kenny G, Caroline Campbell, Veronica Verti and Sandy. “Amor en Portofino” is Bocelli’s latest release after “Passione,” which topped the charts world wide, staying in the Billboard 200 chart for over two months.

“If God could sing, He would sound a lot like Andrea Bocelli,” stated Celine Dion. Loosing his sight in his adolescent years, Bocelli was not forgotten but instead blessed with one of the worlds most miraculous voices. He started studying the piano at the age of six, later moving on to the flute and saxophone. But one thing Bocelli could not deny was the talent he had been born with, his voice.

In 1970 he joined a singing competition performing “O sole mio” and was able to blow people away. He started studying singing with Maestro Luciano Bettarini and then worked with Franco Corelli, playing the piano at local bars in order to pay for his singing lessons. This lead Bocelli to become “a modern but old fashioned tenor,” according to Bocelli, who will always be known as a great voice.

Andrea Bocelli’s ‘Amor en Portofino’ tracks

  1. Quizas, Quizas, Quizas feat. Caroline Campbell (Live)
  2. Perfidia (Live)
  3. Tristeza (Live)
  4. Besame Mucho (Live)
  5. Love In Portofino (Live)
  6. Anema e core (Live)
  7. Quizas, Quizas, Quizas feat. Jennifer Lopez (Studio)
  8. Me Faltas feat. Kenny G. (Studio)
  9. Las Hojas Muertas feat. Veronica Berti (Studio)
  10. Nuestro Encuentro (Studio)

“Amor en Portofino” is now available.