Andrea Bocelli Surprise Easter Mass Performance Shocks Miami Beach Parishioners (VIDEO)

Perhaps new Pope Francis' widely-praised humility is spreading: Italian superstar tenor Andrea Bocelli made an unannounced singing appearance Sunday during an Easter mass in little old Miami Beach.

As first reported by Miami New Times, the 54-year-old opera legend "crashed" mass at St. Patrick Catholic Church, surprising parishioners when he stood up to sing -- and sending congregants to their smart phones.

Archdiocese spokeswoman Mary Ross Agusta confirmed that ensuing videos popping up on YouTube were not an early April Fool's joke: "He did sing during communion -- it was unexpected," she wrote. "Andre Bocelli was attending Mass and asked just before Mass if he could sing. He sang Panis Angelicus."

"It was an amazing experience!" Jennifer Sabin Ley-Soto, who filmed the video above, wrote to The Huffington Post. "My husband pointed Bocelli out when he came up to the podium and we could not believe our eyes. As soon as he started singing, there was no mistaking who it was. Andrea Bocelli has the voice of an angel and to have heard him live at our Easter Mass made it an unforgettable experience. It was that much more special to learn that he had asked to sing.

"We already have a beautiful choir, but what a wonderful surprise for the parishioners of St. Patrick's!"

Bocelli, who has been blind since the age of 12, is reportedly the greatest-selling classical artist of all time, with hits including the charts behemoth "Time To Say Goodbye.." Might St. Patrick's expect regular pop-up performances? Though he declined to name the town, Bocelli recently told Tavis Smiley he purchased a home in Florida because he loves the United States, choosing the Sunshine State over California.

"Florida is closer to Italy," he explained.

Andrea Bocelli Sings At Miami Beach's St. Patrick Catholic Church


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