Artist Domesticates Masculinity, Quite Literally, With Crocheted Phalluses

Artist Domesticates Masculinity, Quite Literally, With Crocheted Phalluses

Have you ever seen such an adorable phallus in all your life? We sure haven't. The soft and fuzzily rendered member below is brought to you by Andrea Pritschow, a German artist and longtime proponent of the art of the crocheted penis.


Pritschow's art objects, simultaneously resembling knit trinkets and sex toys, play with the associations normally ascribed to male genitalia. What's often categorized as masculine, hard and virile is suddenly feminized, softened, and domesticated. Pritschow's move, at once playful and political, acts as a much appreciated rebuttal to the art historical tendency to eroticize the female body, like, all the time.

With hilarious exhibition titles like "My Hard Will Go On", "About a Boy" and "Boner of a Lonely Heart," Pritschow strips away the seriousness that so often comes with sexuality. The "knit castrations," as Juxtapoz called them, use humor and abstraction to demystify the almighty power of the penis, while simultaneously toying with the boundaries of erotic art. Although they were censored by MySpace, these cuddly goods hardly seem qualified to be dubbed NSFW.

Well, there you have it, folks. Add it to the list.

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