Fox News Host And Guest Yell Over Each Other For What Feels Like An Eternity

Fox News host Andrea Tantaros got into a tense battle with her guest on Thursday over a new report revealing details about Hillary Clinton's involvement in the 2012 Benghazi attacks.

And by tense battle, we really just mean a lot of yelling over one another.

Tantaros was speaking with Democratic strategist Penny Lee about a set of emails published Thursday by The New York Times. The emails exposed that the 2016 presidential candidate had received information from longtime friend Sidney Blumenthal that the group behind the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks had ties to Al Qaeda and had planned the attacks for a month.

Tantaros wondered why, if Clinton knew this information, she did not "speak up."

"Why did she let the administration continue on with this [other] narrative?" she asked.

Lee said that it was President Barack Obama and his entire team, not just Clinton, in charge of piecing together the events of that day.

Tantaros then brought up the hearing from 2013, during which she said the former secretary of state was "hysterical."

"Hysterical? Hysterical?" Lee interrupted. "Andrea, what are you talking about?"

What followed was approximately two full minutes, as noted by Mediaite's Andrew Kirell, of Tantaros and Lee talking over each other so that nothing that either two women said could really be understood.

Watch below: