Andrej Pejic Jean Paul Gaultier Kokorico Campaign Is Male Model's First Fragrance Deal

We love when rumors turn out to be true -- especially good ones about Andrej Pejic. A month after a French TV reporter dropped the hint that the androgynous male model had a big beauty deal in the works, Women's Wear Daily confirms that Pejic is the face of Jean Paul Gaultier's newest fragrance.

The scent, called Kokorico, is a men's fragrance, reports Women's Wear Daily, Gaultier's first in 16 years. The product was already released in France last summer with its own ad campaign, featuring the very manly-looking male model Jon Kortajarena and two bra-clad girls.

But Andrej, who has posed in bra spots himself, will star in a new round of ads, ostensibly reaching audiences beyond France -- and perhaps beyond men.

Considering Pejic's versatility, particularly in his past work for Jean Paul Gaultier, the new Matthew Stone-lensed campaign could just as easily feature the blonde, long-haired model in a traditionally female look as a men's one. But since the fragrance is specifically a men's product, perhaps we'll get a rare glimpse of Andrej in a dapper suit?

The ads, reports WWD, were just shot last week. So keep your eyes peeled in the coming months for Pejic's first major beauty campaign... and in the meantime, read more at and take a quick look at Pejic's past work below.

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