Andrej Pejic Plays Marilyn Monroe In Lovecat (PHOTOS)

PICS: The Latest (Male) Model To Channel Marilyn Monroe

After landing numerous covers striking his best womanly pose, Andrej Pejic gets to play one of the most famous women ever: Marilyn Monroe.

For Lovecat's Fashion + Film Issue (which feature Lindsay Lohan, another frequent Marilyn impersonator, on the cover), the androgynous male model posed as the famous blonde in a shoot entitled "Marilyn Off Duty."

Skilled camouflager that he is, Andrej is entirely convincing as Marilyn, sporting the actress' signature shades, curls and alluring makeup. (Unsurprisingly, he's already played Marilyn at least once before).

The shoot, styled by Patricia Field and shot by Jacob Dekat and Prince Chenoa, feels totally vintage... save for the random hot dog pics. Did Marilyn ever eat hot dogs?

Take a look at the stunning Lovecat spread -- does Andrej channel Marilyn even better than Michelle Williams? Let us know what you think.


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