Andrej Pejic Reality Show Underway, Sources Say! (UPDATED)

UPDATE: The rumors are confirmed! Andrej's show is happening, say reps from DNA Models.


We're not the biggest fans of reality TV (with a few exceptions, namely the "Bachelor" franchise). But we would totally watch an Andrej Pejic reality show... and we might actually get the chance! #bestdayever

Frockwriter reports that Pejic is currently shooting a TV show, being followed by cameras over several weeks from job to job. "Sources" say that the show has been in the works since winter and is finally underway after several delays.

So what can we expect from the show? We don't know much yet, but Frockwriter surmises that Pejic's mother, Jadranka Savic, will be involved.

Pejic has mentioned the possibility of a reality show before, tweeting last summer, "Should I do a reality tv show? I mean what would I say." But last we heard it was a movie in the works, not a TV show. But with his Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance campaign wrapped up, Couture Week over and Spring 2013 Fashion Week a few months off, why not film a reality series in the meantime?

But don't get your hopes up yet: when we reached out to Pejic's Paris agent regarding the news, he had no idea what we were talking about. While we await confirmation from Pejic's New York agent, let's start imagining all the fun projects we could watch Pejic working on. ("C**t" hats, biting and bridal gowns -- oh my!)

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