Andrej Pejic & Rick Genest Pose For Auslander Ad Campaign (PHOTOS)

Brands that show during Rio Fashion Week often get overlooked. But Auslander, a Brazilian brand founded by designer Ricardo Bräutigam, has ensured that that won't happen to them.

According to Made In Brazil, Auslander has shot Andrej Pejic and Rick Genest, or "Zombie Boy," together for its Spring/Summer 2012 campaign.

The two talked-about male models don't seem to have much in commonexcept for the fact that they are both highly unconventional -- Andrej for his androgynous appeal, Genest for his head-to-toe tats -- but they look great together nonetheless.

Check out the unique pair below. The pics definitely catch your eye -- but would they make you buy the clothes?