Andrew Breitbart Fans Attack Matthew Yglesias' Book On Amazon

Breitbart Fans Get Revenge On Columnist For Controversial Tweet

Some fans of Andrew Breitbart are using columnist Matthew Yglesias' new e-book to attack him for his controversial tweet about the late journalist.

Breitbart, a prominent conservative blogger and journalist, died unexpectedly last Thursday. Yglesias, Slate's business and economics correspondent, responded to the news, tweeting, "Conventions around dead people are ridiculous. The world outlook is slightly improved with @AndrewBrietbart dead."

After fans of Breitbart reacted fiercely on Twitter, Yglesias clarified that he had not intended the tweet as a personal attack.

"Obviously, the man has a family. It's very sad for them, for his friends," Yglesias said. "He was an influential guy, he made a real difference in the world for the causes he wanted to champion... but I think that the causes he wanted to champion were largely bad ones."

Still, some Breitbart fans are leaving bad reviews for Yglesias' new e-book "The Rent Is Too Damn High," which came out on Amazon on Tuesday.

As of early Tuesday afternoon, at least eleven reviews called Yglesias out over Breitbart.

"This is such a sophomoric attempt at writing," one reviewer blasted. "I'd expect one of Breitbart's young children to have ghosted it for him." They went on to call Yglesias a "knuckle-dragger" and his book "a piece of excrement."

One reviewer added, "The world outlook is slightly improved with giving this book 1 star."

Yglesias seemed to take the barbs in stride on Tuesday. One Twitter user wrote that the backlash "makes me want to buy it." Yglesias tweeted back, "you should totally give in to that impulse -- $3.99 is cheap!"

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