Andrew Breitbart Tells Unions To 'F**k Off', Calls Janeane Garofalo Hollywood's 'Sympathy F**k' (VIDEO)

Andrew Breitbart helped kick off the Chicago Tea Party's TeaCon 2011 Convention in suburban Schaumburg Friday night -- and had some harsh words for unions and liberal actress Janeane Garofalo.

While addressing a crowd of cheering supporters, the conservative blogger began ripping on Garofalo for her vocal opposition to the Tea Party. The actress recently said that GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain "is probably well liked by some of the Republicans because it hides the racist elements of the Republican party."

Breitbart told the crowd that the word around Los Angeles--where he lives--is that Garofalo is "Hollywood's sympathy fuck." The crowd erupts in laughter.

Watch here:

Breitbart went on to call Nancy Pelosi a "bitch," according to Mediaite, and then slammed the unions for being critical of the Tea Party movement.

"The unions, the Trumkas, the Hoffas...Fuck you," Breitbart said to roaring applause. (Scroll down to watch)

Breitbart's speech came after Gawker released a story about TeaCon organizer and Chicago Tea Party leader Steve Stevlic, who was reportedly arrested for soliciting a prostitute in June of 2010. Stevlic told Palatine Patch in a statement that the charges were dropped and that his family had "dealt with this matter."

Police officials, however, have not confirmed that the charges were dropped.

Gawker pointed out Stevlic's reaction to Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.'s extramarital affair, which came to light last year:

Since this is gonna be such a high-profile occasion, perhaps this would be a good time for Stevlic to take the opportunity to apologize for his rank hypocrisy last September, when he took to his Twitter feed to mock and condemn Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr., for his two-year-old extra-marital affair. Perhaps because of Twitter's character limit, Stevlic neglected to mention that, two months earlier, he'd been arrested for soliciting a prostitute.

Stay tuned to Palatine Patch for more coverage of TeaCon 2011, which Herman Cain and Glenn Beck are headlining Saturday night. Michele Bachmann will address the convention via video conference.