GOP Rep Rips Politicians Who ‘Side With Criminals’ And People Can’t Believe His Gall

Georgia Republican Andrew Clyde once likened the deadly U.S. Capitol riot to a "normal tourist visit."

The House Republican who likened the deadly U.S. Capitol riot to a “normal tourist visit” faced a barrage of criticism on Monday when he called out other politicians who “side with criminals.”

“Any act of criminal violence is an assault on justice, which is why we must provide our brave men and women in blue with community support, the resources, and especially the political backing needed to adequately respond to surging crime across the nation,” Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-Ga.) said on the House floor.

Clyde’s comments were too rich for many people on Twitter, given how he has repeatedly downplayed the violence on Jan. 6, 2021 ― even though, on the day itself, he was pictured desperately helping to barricade a door on the House chamber to stop the pro-Trump mob.

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